Thanks for stoping here! I am a wedding, portrait and a commercial photographer. I have a degree in BSc Media Production and with over 5 years experience within photography I have had the privilege to shoot many weddings over the years well as work with some local businesses in Leicester such as Chaiiwala. 

My style of photography can be described as elegant, my focus is natural light - shooting in natural light and using the right lenses gives my pictures a contemporary and concise look. My photography comes across very bright and punchy. I tend to shoot in a way which has a close resemblance to the human eye perspective. Using a shallow depth of field my pictures have a close interest on the subject. My pictures tell a story, they re-live moments from the past. 

For me Photography is an art. It gives me a opportunity to be an image maker and allows me to freeze your memories which you can keep forever. 

I know a wedding is very special and unique, thats why I feel extremely privileged to be part of your special day. Get in touch with me using the contact form on my site. I am looking forward to your message. 

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