Photography Pricing

Photography rates are priced hourly, price of post production may vary.

Corporate: £65/hour  

Wedding:  £65/ hour - If you need to book for more than one consecutive day a discounted rate will be given. 

Portrait and fashion:  £60/hour 

Hand made presentation boxes

The box is decorated with artificial flowers and the prints are tied with a bow, bellow the pictures is a layer of shredded paper. 

How often do you get a chance to hold a physical print in todays day and age? These presentation boxes take you back in time but allow you to hold and cherish your memories. Printed on 6x4 Matt Paper and presented beautifully you will be sure that you can hold onto your memories forever. 

2017-12-11 11.25.22 1.jpg

These presentation boxes are perfect for the coffee table, the box includes 80 6x4 matt prints with a seamless white border, also behind the lid you will find a QR code which you can scan with your smartphone or tablet to take you directly to a online galley. 

Price: £65