Frequently asked questions

How do we book you? 

If your are happy with the price from the quote and a deposit is payed I will pencil you in for the date.

How much deposit is required?

50% of the total amount is required to secure your booking. 

When should we pay the remaining balance?

I would say if you could pay it a week or two before the wedding that is the most common option, soon as the pictures are ready I can send you a link without requiring the remaining balance. 

Do you travel out of Leicester for weddings? 

If the wedding is within a 10 miles radius from my house there is no charge however if it is out of Leicestershire there will be an additional travel cost.   

Do you travel abroad for weddings? 

Of course! I love to shoot abroad however there will be an additional cost to cover expenses.

How long till we get our pictures? 

Pictures are edited and ready to view in 4 to 6 weeks. soon as the remaining payment is made I will send you a link with the images - ready to view from your smartphone, computer or smart tv.

Do you take a break on the day? 

Yes, of course! This is very important, after 4 hours of shooting I will need a break. Camera equipment is heavy so working continuously can be tiring. I will need at least a 30 minutes break so I can recharge my own batteries. Generally the best time for me to take a break is during dinner. 

Do we need to feed you on the day? 

If you could put me in that would be awesome! however if not I can understand for all the right reasons, but you have to let me know so I can make my own arrangements for food on the day.

Do you edit the pictures? 

Yes all my pictures are edited in my style. This means making sure each image is well exposed and colour corrected to my standard.  I don't tend to airbrush images extremely however I will make the skin look slightly soft where required. I love to keep my images natural as possible. 

Do we get the unedited pictures? 

Unfortunately I can not give you any images which are not edited.

How many pictures do you take?

It really depends on the wedding and how the day goes. 

Do you mind other people taking pictures? 

I don't mind people taking pictures as long as they considerate towards me as end of the day I am the official photographer hired, however It can be difficult if sometimes guest bring their own paparazzi stye camera with a flash etc. As this could interfere with my pictures and have affect on the end product. I would say if there is a keen photographer guest let them know a professional is hired and they can relax for the day! 

What happens if your camera fails on the day? 

I go to my bag and get a back up camera! I always carry a spare camera - just incase. 

What happens to my pictures once the day is over? 

Soon as I get home I back up a copy of your pictures on my hard drive, it doesn’t stop there I  also back up a copy on the cloud. Better to be safe then sorry. 

What happens if you fall ill?

Touch wood its never happened. if I have to I will try my best to come however if I break a leg lets say, I will try coming in a wheelchair. If its impossible for me to make it I will send a replacement photographer who has a very similar style of work to mines. 

Who will come on the day? 

It will be Mohammed Seedat, yes me! I don't take on a booking and send a freelancer or somebody you have never met.  

Should we meet before the wedding? 

I think its excellent to meet couples prior to the wedding, its always good to know a bit about each other. However if we cant have a meeting face to face we can always chat over the phone or on Video call. 


If there is any other question you may have please feel free to contact me.