7 artisan 35mm f/1.2 Lens review and sample pictures

Browsing the internet I came across this lens, hmmm… I thought to my self, this lens looks quite interesting. Has a focal length of 35mm and extremely bright and fast aperture of f/1.2. Normally we would be looking to pay around £800 + for a lens of this sort.

I purchased mines from Amazon, it was priced at £98 including free shipping to the United kingdom. The lens arrived in excellent condition and I must say I was impressed with the efforts gone into the packaging and presentation of the product .

A bit of background information about the lens, the company 7 Artisan is a Chinese lens manufacturer. They do have various other lenses besides this one.

Lets take a look at few images of the lens it self.

Mount and Fittings

Well, the interesting fact about this lens is they do have various fittings for a selection of manufactures. they offer lens fittings for Sony (APSC Models only) Canon M Series, Fujifilm and Micro four thirds camera.

I have mounted mines on a Olympus OM-D EM10 MK II

I have mounted mines on a Olympus OM-D EM10 MK II

Sample Images


Night Test

Depth of field and Detail

So far I am very happy with the lens, it is very light weight, feels solid and well built, and definitely produces some appealing bokeh and depth of field. The only down side about the lens would be the manual focusing. This means when capturing action shots or anything thats moving cane prove very difficult. However for static objects and portraits it performs significantly well!

A lazy blogger

I know its been a while since I last posted, I feel like an extremely lazy blogger; it has been a few busy months for me in terms of work and balance between photography but I have managed to build a decent amount of images in my archive to share with you all. 


The images above are a few that have been taken in a very urban part of Leicester, I have to say the environment in which these photos have been taken in definitely creates an impact on how the image looks. 


Melton Road, Night Street Photography

A cold day and walk about on Melton Road, a very multicultural part of Leicester city. The fantastic part about this area is that it gets decorated seasonally e.g. Christmas, Diwali etc. The next set of images are taken on different parts of this road. 


Melton Road, Leicester 

Objects and bokeh 

The images below are some of the interesting objects I found on the street. 


The next set of images include some of the people I found walking around in the street. 

A Stroll on Evington Road

Its was a cold day, I decided to go for a little stroll not to far from my home. As I approached the road I happened to found this man sitting outside a cafe, I have seen him a few time when I have passed on this road and always have thought to my self I would like to photograph him, when I happened to visit again I was delighted to see him there! 

After taking his picture, he was grateful for the opportunity. I was quite happy with the image too.   

After taking his picture, he was grateful for the opportunity. I was quite happy with the image too.   



There was something about this couple I found interesting. I find street portraits extremely fascinating, but the people that you photograph within your portraits are a representation of what daily life means to them. For example, the way people dress can give us a bit of information about them. In this image the lady has a dot on her forehead - this is generally a sign in Hinduism that the women is married. Little aspects like this in an image also give the viewer a bit of an insight into the lives of these characters being photographed.  

An Elderly Couple 

An Elderly Couple 

Close up.

Close up.

I enjoyed taking these images, however there were people I wanted to photograph but they refused to have their images taken. This is indeed the most common problem that most street photographers will face. I guess it is worth asking, you never know till you ask.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.  

My love for 35mm Film

In today's day and age people are taking a leap backwards in time, I'm talking about old school photography like using a 35mm film camera, classic films our parents and grandparents used to use and also using old lenses on a digital camera via an adapter, its becoming so popular that many companies have started to remake discontinued films again. 

This is my Minolta  XG-M, still works like a treat.

Have Scroll bellow, this is another film camera i use, the lens is the one i mount on my digital Camera. 

Fuji Superia 400 Colour Film - Taken with Olympus OM-D EM 10 MK II With a Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens mounted with adapter

The above image was taken with my digital Olympus camera which had a Minolta MD mount 50mm f/1.7 lens mounted onto, I used a cheap adapter from eBay (around £6.00) which worked seamlessly with the lens and camera. The only downside about using this lens is that you have to focus it manually, to be honest it doesn't bother much as I shoot film quite a bit and most times I am left without a choice but to use manual focus on a film camera.   

Rainy day - Taken with Olympus OM-D EM 10 MK II With a Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens mounted with adapter

Another sample image taken with 50mm Minolta Lens. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more future post. 

Hello World

Hello world, welcome to my site and also thanks for having a read on my blog, I am a photographer and videographer based in a small city of Leicester loacted in the United Kingdom. I love street photography, however I also do wedding photography and portraits. I will try and post more on my blog so do keep an eye out. 

Me with my Minolta XGM